Philippine Centre Cultural Society

The Philippine Centre run a Filipino cultural class for children from the age of 6 onwards.  The children are taught a variety of Filipino culture; Basic Tagalog, arts & craft, traditional dance and singing.

The class for 2015 is now full.  If you would like your child/children to be put on waiting list please send us an email:

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What the Children say …

We are one of the oldest students in the Filipino cultural centre. We always look forward to Saturday because we go to Tagalog lessons for 2 hours and always makes us smile by the end of the day. During the two hours of Tagalog lessons, we start with the alphabet then progress to harder phrases and words. As older students, we have been in the Philippine Centre for over 5 years now and still enjoy every minute of Tagalog classes.

To us Tagalog is a very important because it is our parent’s mother tongue. We learn the history of the Philippines. Tagalog lessons is fun and our teacher has taught us many common phrases in Tagalog such as: Magandang umaga po; Kumusta po kayo; mabuti po naman and much, much more!

Over the years, we have experienced many things in Filipino class and still remember it vividly today. In both our opinions Tagalog lesson is always fun and a great way to meet new people. The teachers are nice and the students are always fun, active and up for a challenge. We are very proud and honoured to be Filipino and to have these amazing classes.

Dance classes are the highlight of our Saturday because it’s fun and you’ll always have loads of energy and a big smile on your face. The dance class gives us a big opportunity to perform in the Philippine Centre Barrio Fiesta sa London. We do cultural dances, Hawaiian, cheerleading and famous Spanish dances. We have Amazing teachers and learn many Filipino cultural dances such as: Sakuting, Tinikling and many more! THE FAVOURITE THING ABOUT DANCE CLASSES IS WHEN WE GET FED!!

By Anabel Jacob (age 11) & Angelina Perello-Javar (age 10)

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The Filipino language schools purpose is to teach children how to speak Tagalog. What makes the school is the children that want to learn Tagalog.

I have a lot of fun while learning and gain more friends. I respect others like they are my brothers and sisters. I like Filipino school because it is fun and entertaining and I learn quick. I want to talk Filipino like my dad and like the dances the boys do

By Sebastian Sean Seminio Baron (age 9)

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My Filipino class is a whole community of people and children learning how to speak the national language, Filipino. A fact I know about Philippines is that they have a great talent. Me, myself am also a Filipino.

Our Filipino community is in Hounslow Community Association. In class my teachers can be strict, but my friends are there to help me anytime. Our Tagalog teacher, Susie teaches us Filipinos. Every time we come to join the class, the class sometimes sing a Tagalog song, e.g. Pusong Bato. Brothers and sisters could come too. The teacher also teach us a dance, Little girls: Pearly Shell, Big boys: Stick fights.

I like going to this class because it is more fun. I like the dances and I see my best friends, This is my exprience in Filipino class. Bye!

By Adrian Sean Seminio Baron  (age 9)

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A great way for our children to learn and play together. 

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