PC Chairman Message

July 2013

Dear Kababayans and Friends,

We are on our 29th year of serving the Filipino community in the United Kingdom. It has been a wonder, how a team of volunteers are able to carry on the legacy of the “Barrio Fiesta” spirit away from the Philippines. It is a time of celebration, rekindling of friendships and creating new ones. Barrio Fiesta sa London under the auspices of the Philippine Centre Charity is one event that our fellow men look forward to each year. It becomes a holiday destination for Filipinos and friends. We are glad that, it is attended not only by Filipinos in the United Kingdom but also from the continent and as far as The United States of America and Canada.

We, in the Philippine Centre Charity are grateful to our partner, ABS-CBN, TFC & sponsors for their assistance to deliver another event fully packed with entertainment. It is our wish that through this event we can in a small way be able to remind our countrymen of our tradition and pass on to the youth, the beautiful culture of the Filipinos.

We urge you to look forward to the 30th anniversary of the Barrio Fiesta sa London next year, 2014. To you all, greetings and we wish you an enjoyable weekend in a new location, the Apps Court Farm.


Ester Limotlimot