There is a lot of opportunities to get involved with the Philippine Centre projects and fundraising events.

To become a member please complete the membership form (click on the link below) and return it to us by post or you may bring it at one of our events and hand it over to one of the Executive Board Members.

Membership form 

Type of Membership

  • Individual Membership (Fee £5)

  • Group Membership (Fee £20)

Membership Benefits

  • Members can participate in PC activities and get discounts where applicable;

  • will be notified of upcoming events before the general public; 

  • volunteer to fundraising events;

  • can join the Barrio Fiesta parade;

  • attend the AGM;

  • can vote and be nominated to become a Board Member

(Note: Must be a PC member for 3 years or more to be nominated) 

Please browse through our Centre Activities and Events page to see full listing.