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Who We Are & What We Do

The Philippine Centre is a gathering of Filipinos. It was a common desire and palpable need to bring together Filipinos living in the United Kingdom, not so much in the physical sense but rather in the spirit of unity and togetherness. Formed in March 1985 as a voluntary organisation, the Centre welcomes individuals and organisations who share its ideals and objectives without regard to their social and economic status nor to their religious persuasion. As envisaged, the Centre will endeavour to provide a programme of activities that will encourage Filipinos to develop further sense of community and mutual support. It will also strive to provide opportunities, facilities and services to foster a continuing interest and appreciation of Filipino values and tradition, culture and social norms. In 1988, the Philippine Centre became a registered charity in the United Kingdom. With that status, the Centre is working toward the day when it will have a place that will serve as a focal point for the Filipino community and its multifaceted activities, thus assisting the community to develop a sense of identity which will exemplify that is noble and creative in the Filipino.