2016 Barrio Fiesta sa London Raffle Ticket Winners

Congratulations to the following Raffle Ticket Winners. Draw took place at Apps Court Farm on 17th July 2016:

Cash Prizes donated by SMDC
1st Prize £500 – Ticket number 04819 (Virnalyn Ballesteros)
2nd Prize £300 – Ticket number 000060 (Selina Bacasnot)
3rd Prize £200 – Ticket number 00109 (Jonathan Jallorina)

1x Cargo box – Ticket number 07701 (Rita Amate)
1x Cargo box – Ticket number 18087 (C Obree)
1x Cargo box – Ticket number 15265 (Gene C Sarmiento)


Cutlery Box – Ticket number 18422 ( Sally Duhay)

Thank you all for supporting the Philippine Centre.

Congratulations once again!