32nd Barrio Fiesta sa London 2016

Dear Kababayans,

First of all, let me greet everyone “Maligayang Pagdiriwang ng Barrio Fiesta sa London 2016” and to appreciate your presence on the 32nd year of the event.

Preserving the Filipino customs and traditions has always been an important reason why the Philippine Centre is still going strong in the service to the community. It is the time of year when families get together to enjoy the celebration of family practices. Away from our country, the Philippine Centre Barrio Fiesta sa London is becoming to be a venue for family reunion, a meeting place of friends who have long seen each other and form new friendships.

 The hospitable trait of our people is still shown to be warm and alive. One thing that this event clearly project is that, “the family is truly the cornerstone of Philippine society”. This is the objective that all of us must preserve and give as a legacy to our youth and the future. We, in the Philippine Centre will strive our very best to keep the Barrio Fiesta sa London, a family event.

 In behalf of the Executive Board members, let me extend our gratitude to our partners, ABS-CBN & TFC who have trusted us and worked with us for a few years now. I would also like to thank personally all officers and their families for their dedication to the service of the community. We would also acknowledge and thank all who help entertain, onstage, backstage and behind the scenes as all of you are serving voluntarily.

As an ending, “thank you so much for your labour of love”

 Ang Inyong lingkod,

Sgd: Ester Limotlimot


Photo by Spooner Studios Photography

Photos taken during the Barrio Fiesta are on our Facebook Page : Philippine Centre